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Notes for
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Possible Focus Event lunch onboard cruise vessel Pacific Explorer in Sydney 26 Feb with our President Duke Snider – TBC watch this space.





We are looking forward to this year as lots of things will be happening in our branch of the Institute. We will continue to have interesting speakers and events. We will be concentrating on Continuous Professional Development for our members, and aiming to become more industry focused and relevant to the nautical professional.

Look out for more focus events as we will continue to expand our membership and attract more industry sponsors.

Our last Committee Meeting was on 14 December 2017 (draft Minutes in Committee Area) and the next one is scheduled for 24/25 January – Committee Members please note.

There is a wonderful paper on the Master/Pilot relationship by one of our members, Captain Mike Ashby in our members area which is well worth a read.

I look forward to seeing more of you all during the year.

Kendall Carter