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(5) Going Digital - Maritime LTE/4G Communication Infrastructure

People in the maritime field are suffering from the disconnection with their people due to the poor communication environment on the sea. How to solve this problem? The Republic of Korea has been developing LTE-Maritime to extend the LTE communication to a maximum of 100km (54 nautical miles) from the coast, so that the considerable number of ships, as well as coastal people, can overcome slow-rate or expensive legacy wireless communication environment. 


(4) NI South East Australia Webinar Series - Going Digital - BinoNav(R).

Digital technologies are all around us - but do they keep the human in the loop, or is the human designed out? The pelorus is a means of taking a bearing on a fixed object - and has been in use for centuries. the ePelorus takes this navigation tool to the digital age. In this webinar Martin Bransby, Head of Research and Development at the General Lighthouse Authorities of the UK and Ireland (GLA) presents BinoNav(R) is the registered trademark of an ePelorus developed by the GLA.

(3) NI South East Australia Webinar Series - Going Digital - 3GPP

What is 3GPP and how can 3GPP technologies support the digitalization of the maritime environment? In this webinar we hear from Ms. Hyounhee Koo about what 3GPP stands for (3rd Generation Partnership Program) and the different technologies within the 3GPP standards - technologies you use every day, but probably don't connect with 3GPP - 3G, 4G, LTE and more.

(2) NI South East Australia Webinar Series - Going Digital - dPMR

The focus of this webinar is dPMR or digital Private Mobile Radio - an approach used to put digital voice of existing VHF voice frequencies. The trial in Rotterdam highlighted the viability of the technology, which is already in use in other industries. At minute 29 there is an audio file that shows the difference between the analogue and digital voice. Thank you to Jeffrey van Gils and Derek Love for the presentation.

(1) MARITIME COMMUNICATIONS – GOING DIGITAL. What does ‘going digital’ mean for the maritime industry?

Join The Nautical Institute, South East Australia Branch, for a one-hour WEBINAR presented by two experts in the field:

Jillian Carson-Jackson, FNI, FRIN (JCJ Consulting, Chair of the IALA ENAV Digital Communications Working Group and Senior Vice President of the Nautical Institute)

Ernie Batty (Technical Director IMIS Global and Vice Chair of the IALA ENAV Digital Communications Working Group).

The WEBINAR will focus on maritime digital communications – applications, challenges, and future options.

Transcript: Click here.